RARE BIRDS comes from a lifelong obsession and a feeling of kinship with two types of birds: the small anonymous birds that sing outside of every window, and the bird of paradise flower. The first are ubiquitous, and reliable in the patterns and formations they make. The second are striking in appearance, exotic and strange, but grow rampantly and commonly across the city of Los Angeles, where the magazine was dreamed.

Both eventually become taken for granted. They vanish in multitude.

But, with both kinds, if you pay attention, if you bring them into focus and hold them up in a still moment of grace, what they are doing again becomes rare, beautiful, singular and irreplaceable.

This is a magazine for artists committed to making beautiful work for the everyday and the joyous need of celebrating it: highlighting artists and recognizing them for their singularity, their beauty, their commitment and their rarity.

The medium is film because the editors shoot film (that’s how they met), and kept having conversations with other film photographers about what it meant for us to us to shoot ourselves and our friends—to show them how we see each other in this way. A way based on light and a fixed devotion to the moment and those sharing it with us. So issue 001, being human, is just that, intimate portraits of our friends.